As everyone knows, August is the month that kids are thinking about returning to school. In 1993, instead of preparing to enter middle school, my family was preparing for the birth of my sister, later named Morgan Nicole Staley.Morgan entered the world on Sunday August 15, 1993. My sister birth was pretty quick. Around  6 a.m., my mom comes in my room and tells me it's time. My grandmother drove us to the hospital and on 8:59 a.m., I finally had another sibling in the world. Watching my mom give birth to Morgan was a beautiful thing.  I was too young to appreciate  and realize the moment, but it will always be a moment that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.I remember coming home from school and as a baby, she would call me A. She couldn't say Antwan, so when she said A, I would just come in the room and pick her up. She would watch me play video games and we would watch wrestling together. I think us watching wrestling together is part of the reason we would fight so much. Morgan had no fear of me even though I was 11 years her senior and would just punch and slap me for no reason.You can read the article I wrote about Morgan  last year here: just want to write to my sister telling her I love her and it has been a great 20 years, being your brother. I'm always here for you if you need anything.